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VONIKO Ultra Alkaline 9V Batteries , 7 Year Shelf Life, Leakproof

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VONIKO Ultra Alkaline 9V Batteries

With performance that lasts as long as the leading national brands, the VONIKO Ultra Alkaline Battery is the ultimate power solution. And, with power storage that lasts up to 7 years and a stainless steel cover prevents leaks and reduces rust corrosion. This is a battery you know you can trust to last.

Reusable packaging makes it easy to store and save for future use.

Voniko Batteries – We SET The Standard

Every Day Reliability

Voniko 9 volt alkaline batteries are perfect for almost every imaginable use – they have been used to power remotes, toys, doorbells, fire alarms, and every kind of appliance. Made to last and keep up with your hectic technology-centered lifestyle!

6-9 Times More Power Than Ordinary Carbon!

Just imagine what you can do with 6 TIMES the power!

- Change your fire alarm batteries less often

- Watch TV with your remote for longer

- Keep your children busy with their favorite toys for years instead of only a few months

 Massive 7 Year Shelf Life

- Store away batteries for a rainy day when the power goes out

- Buy in bulk and save

- Build up your emergency storage of essentials with the longest-lasting battery around

 Patented Double-Barrier Leak Protection

Voniko 9-volt batteries are designed NEVER to leak even if there is a short-circuit – thanks to the super powerful dual-layer complete isolation leak protection. No other battery manufacturer has the same protection as Voniko, because it was patented by us!

- Never worry about damaging your battery-powered devices or appliances again!

- Forget disgusting and toxic corrosion that happens with other batteries

- Rest easy knowing it won’t happen to you!

 Mercury & Cadmium Free

Voniko 9 volt batteries are made without mercury and cadmium, deadly chemicals that make it into many other v 9 battery. Voniko batteries are environmentally safe and much less dangerous than other 9-volt alkaline battery

 For The BEST, Forget The Rest! Get Voniko!

  • Voniko 9 volt alkaline batteries can maintain a steady 9 volt discharge for 6-9 times longer than an ordinary carbon battery. Voniko batteries are stronger and better than the rest!
  • With a double protection layer, Voniko alkaline V 9 battery are entirely isolated within its thin design, and 100% leakproof.
  • These 9volt alkaline battery are so powerful that even after 7 years, they will still have almost the same charge as they had while brand-new! That’s because of our patented power barrier. Only Voniko has it!
  •   Use Voniko 9v batteries with your multimeter, toys massager, microphone and much more. Enjoy the enhanced lifespan and improved energy quality from Voniko!
  • Our 9 volt battery is made without harming the environment and are 100% mercury and cadmium free.