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Roadgear Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

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Properly inflated tires promote optimal braking, cornering, straight-line performance and extended tire life. A 30% reduction in tire pressure reduces tire life a whopping 48%. This programmable tire gauge is the "tool of choice" for any motorcyclist who is serious about safety, tire longevity and performance.

Valve Depressor - Built-in depressor for quick air adjustment

Functional - 90 degree swivel head fits in the tightest spots

Built-in LED Light - Valve stem illuminator

Bright Blue LCD Readout - Extra large backlit display visible day or night

Programmable Memory - Motorcycle icon displays current and target PSI for front and rear tires individually

Ergonomic Design - Allows for right or left handed operation

Hi-Grips Rubberized Texture - Non-slip surface provides precise handling



Range: 5.0 - 99.0 PSI (reads in half-pound increments)

Accuracy +/- 1%

Power: Two CR2043 Lithium replaceable batteries