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Paw Essentials Handheld Pet Scrub Shower Brush Kit (2 Color Options)

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Nothing is too good for your pet, but the cost of grooming your pup can be expensive. Keep your furry friend clean without breaking the bank with the Paw Essentials Handheld Pet Shower Kit. Designed for gentle washing and deep cleansing of all dog breeds.

  • Just turn on the water and quickly brush through your pets thick hair.
  • Fill the Shower Brush with your favorite pet Shampoo and you are ready to go.
  • Ergonomically designed. Allows for single hand use, the Scrub Shower Brush is easy to hold and allows you to control the flow of Shampoo right from the brush.
  • Effective, yet gentle. Your pet will love bath time!
  • Includes 5 hose adapters