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Paw Essentials Dog Life Jackets with Extra Padding (3 Color Options)

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The Paw Essentials Life Vest is the perfect solution for keeping your pet safe in the water. It features vibrant, easy to see colors with a reflective strip on the back to easily locate your pet. Top of the jacket includes a durable rescue handle to easily grab your pet by hand or with a boat hook in case of emergency. Adjustable buckle straps for the perfect fit will keep your pet comfortable and give you peace of mind while your pet is enjoying the water.

  • High Buoyancy adjustable dog life jacket, designed with top grab strip for easy rescue by hand or boat hook in the water
  • Outfitted with reflective strip on the back part of the jacket, to ensure that it is easy to locate your dog while he or she is having fun in the water to avoid unexpected danger
  • Features an adjustable buckle to protect your pet and help your dog feel comfortable in the water
  • The durable rescue handle makes it easy to help dogs out of the water in the event of an emergency by hand or boat hook
  • 100% Safe for your dogs. Advanced breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining and drying, which provides your dog more comfort and healthier conditions
  • Front float support helps keep their head above water


  • Extra Small Chest: 11.81"-15.75", Neck: 6.69"-9.84", Length: 7.87"
  • Small Chest: 16.14"-18.90", Neck: 11.81"-14.96", Length: 9.84"
  • Medium Chest:19.69"-22.83", Neck: 11.81"-16.93", Length: 11.81"
  • Large Chest: 21.65"-27.56", Neck: 14.96"-18.90", Length: 13.78"
  • Extra Large Chest: 28.35"-37.4", Neck: 18.90"-22.83", Length: 17.72"