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Paw Essentials 37" Adjustable Grooming Arm with Clamp and Dog Grooming Loop

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A grooming arm and loop can greatly simplify the process of taking care of pets with a grooming table (not included), allowing you to secure them in place as you work. The Aluminum Pet Grooming Arm with Clamp allows you to add the arm and loop to nearly any table, thanks to the Adjustable clamp. The height of the grooming arm and loop extends to as tall as 37 inches, but you also can move the arm to a lower position to work with smaller dogs. The 18-inch grooming loop includes a swivel snap for better security for the animal and a Haunch Holder to further assist you with securing your pet.

  • Wide Clamp Opening – The clamp is fully adjustable and will fit onto a variety of table thicknesses
  • Heavy Duty – You’ll appreciate the strong build quality of this arm, which clamps securely onto most table sizes
  • Includes Grooming Loop with No Haunch Holder – The kit also includes Grooming loop at the end of the grooming arm that secures with a swivel snap
  • Adjustable in Height – The grooming arm extends in height up to 37 inches, but the height of the arm is also adjustable, simplifying the process of grooming dogs of different sizes
  • No Haunch holder included - Grooming Loop + FREE Small/Medium No Sit Haunch Holder
  • *Table not included.