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Mystery Box of Assorted Mermaid Tail Blankets - 20 Pack Assorted Colors and Styles!

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Transform into your favorite mythical creature with mermaid tail knitted crochet blanket! This fun blanket is designed to cocoon around your legs and feet keeping you warm all year round. This is the perfect throw to cozy up with or lounging on couch. Keep yourself or family members warm and bundle up on a cold day or a breezy summer night. Great for lounging with family, movie nights, sleepovers, camping, car travel and more. Our mermaid blankets are made from 100% high quality acrylic fiber, making them super soft.

  • Huge bargain at only $4.25 EACH!! PLUS FREE Shipping!
  • Guaranteed to exceed value of purchase price
  • Total $199 Value!
  • Assorted box of 20 brand new mystery mermaid tails, different styles and colors.
  • We have over 10,000 overstocked mermaid tails in all sorts of styles and colors, so many that we haven't even been able to photograph them all!! This is just a small sampling of a few, but we have a ton of styles.
  • Keep them for family, give them to friends, give them as gifts!

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