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Aqua Innovations 300w Submersible Aquarium Heater with LED Display

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If you are keeping tropical fish, you will need a heater. A heater insures that a tank doesn't get too cool, and that the temperature stays steady during the course of the day, even when the room cools off (e.g., at night). For many tropical fish, a temperature of 78F is ideal. The built-in thermometer will help you verify that your tank stays at its proper temperature.

  • Output: 300Watt
  • Dimensions: 1..02" x 14.17"
  • Wire Length: 1.5M
  • Temperature Range: 18c - 32C (64.4F - 89.6F)
  • Water Capacity: 55-80 Gallon

Warning: The heater must never be operated outside the aquarium. If the water level falls below the minimum water level MIN, the thermostat can no longer "read" the water temperature and therefore can no longer control the heating correctly. If it has to be taken out of the water or when transferring or changing the water, disconnect the heater from the power source and wait at least 30 minutes to allow it to cool down.