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Pet Essentials Waterproof Dog or Pet Car Back Rear Seat Cover

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You love taking your dog with you everywhere you go, but you probably don't love the hair, drool, spills, claw marks and messes they can leave on your seats. Protect your upholstery and give your pet a more comfortable ride with Pet Essentials Pet Seat Covers. Available in a variety of size and colors.

  • Heavy Duty material with a GSM rating over 190. Free of AZO dyes and heavy metals
  • 3 layers of PU waterproofing (safer than PVC)
  • Seat Belt Openings with Velcro closure & Child car seat LATCH openings
  • Side Flaps for extra protection
  • Adjustable straps with clips for easy installation
  • High temperature rated, will not damage your seat
  • Padded to add an extra layer of protection
  • Color fast materials
  • Reinforced headrest straps
  • 118cm*110cm