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MWGears Aluminum Alloy Keylock Safe Lockbox

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  • No more hiding keys under floor mats! With the Aluminum Alloy Multi-Digit Combination Lock Box, you will have peace of mind knowing your extra keys or small valuables are safely locked away.
  • Mount this key box beside a front or side door and provide convenient access for dog walkers or housekeepers when you are on vacation out of town.
  • Never lock yourself out again. Have an extra key stored inside your Multi-Digit Combination Lock Box!
  • Your children can access the lock box for safe and easy entry into your home when you are not there.
  • The Multi-Digit Combination Lock Box also functions beautifully as a Realtor key storage box, giving your Realtor access to your home while you're away from the home.
  • Set your own multi-digit combination code with over 1,000 possible combinations!
  • Easy to use and reset with Superior Lock Design
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction