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MWGears Acrylic Display Case / Box Show Case for Lego Minifigure (8-body storage)

Sale price $15.76 Regular price $27.99

Use this Small Mini-figure Case to store and display your most cherished heroes! This Small Mini-figure Case allows children to keep their favorite heroes in a safe place. Mini-figures won't be subject to dust and scratches in this awesomely designed display case. Mount it on a wall or stack it on top of other cases for friends to see. Neatly displays 8 Mini-figures, cases can be stacked and great for travel! Mini-figures sold separately.

  • One mini-figure included!
  • 4"x6" Grid plates included!
  • Stackable and wall mountable – Keep on collecting every color display!
  • Displays 8 mini-figures
  • Push button release to open display case