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MWGEAR Travel Umbrella - Windproof, Compact and Portable BRAND NEW

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MWGEAR Travel Umbrella - Windproof, Compact and Portable w/ Case BRAND NEW

★ ADVANCED WINDPROOF PROTECTION – This premium, compact travel umbrella is perfect for daily use or while traveling the world, featuring 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that are designed to withstand big wind gusts with flexible stability for reliable rain protection.
★ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – At only 12” long and weighing less than 1lb, it’s small enough to fit in most car gloveboxes, large purses, briefcases, or backpacks, and our storage case lets you pack away a wet umbrella without worrying about your other belongings getting wet.
★ SUPERIOR RAIN COVERAGE – Our umbrella not only provides 25% more rain coverage than other compact umbrellas, it is also coated in Teflon for extra waterproof defense.
★ TOP QUALITY PARTS AND WORKMANSHIP – The chrome-plated metal shaft features an ergonomic handle and simple push-button design that allows the canopy to easily open and close.