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Mwgear Outdoor Ultrasonic Animal Repeller with Strobe Light

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  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Outdoor includes AC adapter and 33-foot Extension Cord
  •  Alternate Can be Used in Remote Areas With 4 C Batteries.
  • Cat Repellent Outdoor Ultrsonic is effective for an area up to 5000 SQ Ft.
  • Adjustable High-Pressure Ultrasonic Sound Wave Frequency:15 kHz -18 kHz
  • Raccoon Repellent Outdoor has Day, Night or 24-Hour Protection for Your Garden, Lawn, Farm, Barn, Warehouse, Patio or any safe location where pest protection is needed
  • Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller is Simple to Operate, Select Desired Mode, Set Ultrasonic Waves Frequency, Adjust Sensor Sensitivity, Plug-in or Put in 4 "C" Batteries.