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MWGEAR Olive Oil Glass Sprayer/Mister Dispenser w/ Bottle Brush & Funnel NEW

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MWGEAR Olive Oil Sprayer Dispenser, Multi-Function Glass Mister Sprayer w/ Bottle Brush and Oil Funnel (100mL) BRAND NEW

Olive oil sprayer is good at controlling the amount of oil that you want to use on food easily. It does not spill or dribble oil. Prevent excessive calorie intake! Keep your life healthy!Why Oil Sprayer?The flow of oil is more convenient and there will be no food residue on the grill if you use an Olive Oil Sprayer while grilling! This will be super convenient for camping.


Material: Stainless Steel and Glass

Sprayer Size: 17.5 cm X 4.2 cm

Sprayer capacity:100 ml 3. 42 oz

Package1 x Olive Oil Sprayer1  x Cleaning brush1 x Funnel

Note:1. Clean the bottle before filling something.2. The density of the oil is different from the water. You'd better add more oil when use it.3. Don't put the solid in it to avoid Sprayer nozzle blocked.