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MWGEAR E26 LED Light Bulbs RGB Color Changing 10W Cool White Bulb w/ 2 Remotes BRAND NEW

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MWGEAR E26 LED Light Bulbs RGB Color Changing 10W Cool White Bulb w/ 2 Remotes BRAND NEW


★ 10W RGB White Daily Lighting Bulb and Comfortable Home Light: The 10W RGBW LED Bulb includes colorful RGB atmosphere lighting and warm white daily lighting, it is equal to normal 30W incandescent light. The color rendering index (CRI)of the bulb is over 80, the higher CRI, the more realistic colors appear to the naked eye. The warm white light and high CRI bulbs make the home environment very relaxed and comfortable.

★ 16 Colors with IR Remote Controller: 16 kinds of static colors can be set by the color adjustment keys on controller, easy to operate.You can choose the colors you like in different occasions. It is more convenient to control the light with the IR remote controller, one controller can controll more than one bulb!

★ Four Modes Adjustable: The bulb has four modes to choose from: static, flash, strobe and fade(the smooth mode is the same as the fade). The FLASH is sometimes dynamic and sometimes soft, can satisfy more atmosphere environment. STROBE is dynamic and has five gears. When you are going to hold a party, you would like it ! The SMOOTH is soft and gentle, making the atmosphere more relaxed. It is suitable for family at rest,doing video live or in YOGA. It is so wide used.

★ Color Remember: The light bulb will help you remember the color of the lamp when you turned off the light last time.Before you turn off the light the color is red, when you turn on the light again is still red.

★ Low Consumption High Brightness and All-inclusive Lampshade: Very low heat generating, besides saving light power. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, is conducive to recycling. Low-energy, high-brightness, energy-efficient light bulbs. The darkest brightness of the bulb is the brightness of 1% of white light. Light bulbs are fully enclosed lampshades that do not accumulate dust and allow mosquitoes to fly into damaged lamp beads and chips, it is durable and beautiful.

⚠ Note for IR remote controller ⚠:

① The speed of flash can be adjusted by 'Dim up/down' key, but the speed Smooth mode cannot be changed.

② The 'Dim up/down' key can adjust 4 grade of brightness, brightness adjustment only available for static colors.

③ Flash mode supports to set 8 kinds of color. The four modes of remote control from top to bottom are Flash,Strobe,Fade and Smooth.