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MWGEAR Beard Bib/Apron Shaving Cape- BRAND NEW

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MWGEAR Beard  Bib/Apron Shaving Cape- BRAND NEW


MWGEAR Beard  Bib/Apron Shaving Cape- BRAND NEW

Keep your sink area a lot Cleaner and Tidy, Less Mess and one less dispute with the Wifey..
No more Hair Down The Bathroom sink, which can Case Drain Backups..

Size: 100cm*70cm
Weight: 130g
Nonstick beard
Anti static

How to use:
Simply attach the suction cups to a mirror, put the loops around the hooks, and fasten the velcro straps around your neck! When you're finished shaving, just pull the loops off the hook, walk to the trash can and watch the hairs slide right in! The light weight and thin fabric assures easy cleanup. A simple shake outside to get any remaining hairs off, and you're good to go! It folds up small to fit into any drawer!