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Mix Beauty Lavender Moisturizing Hand Masks 4- Pack

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  • Mixbeauty hand masks are crafted from botanical extracts and other wholesome ingredients. It could deeply moisturizes your skin, improves hydration, effectively repairs cracks, reduces fine lines, and restores your hands to it's original soft and tenderness.


  • Natural Plant Extract: Mixbeauty hand mask (one-time use) is crafted from lavender extract, nicotinamide and other botanical extracts or wholesome ingredients. These nourishing ingredients gently penetrate into skin layers, supplement a variety of nutrition, making it more safe and reliable to clean pores and dirt, and promote nutrient absorption of your hands.
  • Effective & Convenient: Hands are our second face. Dryness, wrinkles, hangnails, dullness and cracking are the main problems. This moisturizing gloves for dry hands can effectively solve these matters by softly moisturizing, repairing and whitening hand skin, reducing fine lines.
  • Touchscreen Material: These moisturizing hand gloves are made of touchscreen material, so you can continue to go about your business and do housework, reading, use your mobile phones, play games while enjoying your hand spa treatment at home.
  • Easy to use: Step 1, put the clean hands into the hand mask and secure with tape; Step 2, wait for 20 minutes; Step 3, remove it and gently massage hands to ensure the remaining essence is fully absorbed. It is not necessary to rinse. If want to rinse, suggest to use hand cream.