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Mbot 3D Pen IDrawing

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- Unique nozzle protection reduces direct skin contact risk.
- Based on scientific heat transfer structure design, the shell temperature is significantly lower than other brands.
- Meets CE/FCC/RoHS requirement

- USB connect, portable power charge allows you to take it anywhere. Creativity is only limited by your own imagination.

- Optimized program & structure design creates a jam free 3D pen.
Most other brands limit one material and have chronic jamming issues.

- iDrawing 3D pen allows you to use ABS or PLA material without jamming.

Human engineering button design:
- One button desig with 45 degree angle is based on human engineering, designed by a professional design team.
- Continuously draw with one button touch, allowing you to focus on creating.
- Automatic retraction by a unique 3 second button design, avoids jamming issues.
- Energy saving with automatic retraction and power off function after 10 minutes of inactivity.
- 9 levels adjustable speed control allowing you to draw vertical at slow mode and draw at the base level at fast mode.

Voltage 5V
Nozzle extruding 0.6mm
Filament ABS/PLA
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Drawing temperature 200C/220C
Speed 9 level
Connect USB
Portable power charge Yes
Automatic retraction Yes
Automatic power off Yes