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Kommon Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Compact Foldable Electric Bike

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High-performance Frame
Aluminum-magnesium alloy frame with high rigidity and good shock-absorbing.

One-piece Mold Technology
The utility model is characterized that the front fork tube is integrally formed with the cross beam, the standing fork is integrally formed with the flat fork. The post tube, flat fork, and the seat tube are each connected. The firmware is connected together in order to solve the problem of low strength of the welded frame and cracks in the welded area, it can help improve the rigidity of the frame folding bicycle locking device.

The connecting rods 1 and 2 are tightly connected by the use of a rotatable eccentric shaft to move the tension bar. The purpose is to prevent from loosening of the locking device, an L-shaped rotating member is used to lock the tumbler.

This folding lock solves the problem of failure or even loosening of conventional locks due to wear. Its life time is even longer than that of a bicycle. The tightening force required during operation is small, and the folding position can be firmly locked without any effort, greatly improving safety performance.


Technical Information:



Model KM-F-20
Max. Torque Output 48n/m
Pitch 20°=
Battery (Lithium ion) 36V/8Ah (standard)
Derailleur SHIMANO Inner 3 Speed
Sensor Torque Sensor
Controller Sdandy ®350
Frame Magnesium Alloy Foldable Frame (Die Casting)
Brake set Disc Brake(Front)/SHIMANO Roller Brake(Rear)
Weight 22~25Kg(May vary according to different configuration)
Size 20"
Charge Hour 4~5hr
Wheel Base 1055mm
Averaged Energy Dissipation 130km/kw/h
Wheel 20" x 1.75" /1.¾
Color White/Red, Black/Green, Red/Black, Yellow/Black
Dynamic Control Manner Traveled Distance in Semi-electric Mode :50±5Km
Distance Per Charge

Traveled Distance in Complete-electric Mode:45±5Km

Attention: Suitable for Adults =70KG (Traveled Distance may vary regarding to different riding manner, road situation and wind resistance)

Other Function

1. Pedaling array safety buffer reduction

2. Instant electric Disconnection in brake

3. Magnesium Alloy Wheel with Inner Speed Rim


Sdandy ®Geared Brushless High Speed 36V200W

Mid-drive Motor