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ItSoFun Runaway Clock on Wheels (PINK)- BRAND NEW

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ItSoFun Runaway Clock on Wheels (PINK)- BRAND NEW



  • WAKE UP! - One of the best ways to ensure you wake up in the morning is to set an alarm you can hear. Another is to have the Alarm clock move when you try to turn it off.
  • FUN and USEFUL - It has all the functions of alarm clock with snooze and features a backlight display. You can set the time and date plus a 0-9 minute "Snooze" time. Choose "0" and watch it run away while flashing the alarm, beeping/running immediately.
  • GET THEM UP FAST - Get the kids up with no hassle with this clock! They wont mind the fun of trying to catch the run away clock
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries in order to be operated.
Technical Information:


  • The Run Away Alarm clock will run forward, out of the corner, on the bedside table;
  • Because of the sturdy rubber tires, the Run Away Alarm clock can fall from 60 cm from the bedside table, then run away.
  • The Run Away Alarm clock can run on the almost any hard surface and most carpets.
  • The alarm clock will run for 30 seconds, running in different directions while sounding the alarm and flashing the display.
  • The alarm will continue to run and sound after the 9 minute snooze time, until you turn it off