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i-rocks K27WF-BK Fingerprint Biometric Keyboard, Black USB

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Biometric System
Protect crucial data or manage users efficiently with fingerprint reader on K27WF. It recognizes your fingerprint in one light touch, and it’s simple to use.

Easy, sleek and quick
The keyboard has all necessary elements of an essential input tool: low-profile black appearance, comfort surface and exceptionally fast fingerprint recognition.

Fingerprint Management Software
The K27WF keyboard’s fingerprint reader supports Windows Hello, and additional Smart-ID software for enhanced functionality. With Smart-ID software, you can log in to Windows desktop and your favorite website, and encrypt sensitive files using your fingerprint instead of usernames and passwords, making security experience more elaborate yet convenient.


Features :

  • Great typing response and performance.
  • Built-in fingerprint reader, supports Windows Hello, easy log in, no request key in name or password.
  • Offers fingerprint reader smart ID application software, File/Folder encryption and Web-login, such as FaceBook and Google.
  • Multi-Fingerprint management,10 fingers per user account.



    Specifications :

    • Product name: K27WF Fingerprint Keyboard
    • Model No. : IRK27WF
    • Interface: USB
    • Fingerprint type : Capacitive touch sensor
    • Fingerprint ID : 10 fingerprint IDs.
    • Key number : 104 Keys ( By Language )
    • Switch type : Membrane switch
    • Voltage / Current: DC 5V / 200 mA Max.
    • Weight: approx. 860 g
    • Cable length: 180 cm
    • Dimension: 460 (L) X 161 (W) X 33 (H) mm
    • Available Colors: Black ( IRK27WF-BK )


     System Requirements :


    • Microsoft Windows® 7Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10 operating system.
    • Fingerprint reader is compatible with Windows® 7 Windows® 8.1   and Windows® 10 Hello.
    • Available USB Port