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GreenEarth Hydroponic Indoor Garden System with LED Lights

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This is the new generation energy-saving LED desk & plant growth lamp and the perfect source for office, home, dorm, etc. With its elegant and ergonomic design, this lamp is ideal for you while exceeding your lighting requirements.

Uses hydroponics technology to grow fresh herbs and other plants without messy soil or the stress of over or under watering.

Optional Lighting Modes--Plant Growth Lighting (Red):equipped with professional full spectrum LED plant grow light, which integrates optimal wavelength and intensity, creates a good indoor environment for your beloved plants. Reading Lamp Lighting (White): Natural light protects eyes can be desk lamp and reading lights.

  •  GROW PLANTS YEAR ROUND - No Experience Gardening Necessary. Even Beginners Can Quickly And Easily Plant Countertop Herb, Flower or Succulent Gardens, All Year, Using the Hydroponics And LED Lamplight Garden System. Cultivate Plants From Seeds, Seedlings, Saplings Or Established Varieties And Germinate Faster Than Ever With Visible Sprout in Just 2 - 4 Days!
  • EASY TO USE - Complete Set, In Just Minutes, Put It Together Without Any Tools, Plug In And Enjoy A Miracle Garden! Hassle Free System With Water Gauge, Pre-Installed Pump, Reservoir, And Everything You Need To Take The Guess Work Out Of Growing A Bountiful Harvest Of Flowers, Herbs Or Salad Greens, In Any Room Of The House!
  • SMART TECHNOLOGY AND A ONE TOUCH CONTROL PANEL - With Variable Settings For Automatic Or Manual Use As You Like! Set The Lamp To Automatically Turn The Full Spectrum LED Light On For 14 Hours And Off For 10 Hours To Provide Optimal Growing. Or, Use The Lamp to Light Any Room, Whenever You Want. It’s Lightweight And Portable, So You Can Move And Use The Lamp Throughout Your Home. Only Add Water and Add Nutrients Every few Weeks.
  • NO MESS NO STRESS - Indoor Gardening Never Has Never Been Easier Or Looked So Good! This Indoor Garden Lamp Operates Using Hydroponics And Optimized LED Technology That Uses Just The Right Balance Of Water, Air, Light And Nutrients To Maximize Photosynthesis And Grow Gorgeous Plants Naturally, Faster and Easier Than Outdoor Or Other Systems. No Soil or Dirt Means No Mess No Stress!
  • BEAUTIFUL ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHT - Stylish Good Looks And Illuminates Any Room With Clean White Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) That Convert Electric Energy More Efficiently Than Incandescent Bulbs. That’s Why LED Lights Can Last Up To 25 Times Longer Than Traditional Bulbs And Use Less Energy. Fits Any Area Of The Home, Under Kitchen Cabinets, The Dining Room Table, Office Desktop, And More.