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Flying UFO Mini Toy Drone for Kids,Hand Operated, LED Lights, Object Sensors

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It comes with 4 sensors fitted all around. Kids will love watching the drone dodge obstacles indoors and they’ll relish chasing it around the house. Want it to move forward? Just bring a hand close and watch it take off in the opposite direction! You can even get the whole family together and send it from one end of the room to the other with just your hands.

Safety and durability: that’s what sets apart our USB-rechargeable toy drone from all the rest. While others easily break or have exposed propellers that act as an injury hazard, we’ve take a thoughtful approach to design. Thanks to the flexible mesh ABS shell, moving propellers are kept away from little fingers and it absorbs impact whenever it encounters a bump or fall. And no complex controls here! Kids as young as 4 will find this drone a breeze to operate. Just launch it in the air with a press of a button or a gentle toss and let your hands do the rest.

Here are more features little boys and girls will love:


  • Lights up the room with bright flashing lights.
  • Comes with a remote control for 1-button takeoff.
  • Never flies too high; so, no more losing drones.
  • Fitted with a large 300mAh battery for longer flight times.
  • The USB-rechargeable battery charges in under an hour.
  • It can be flipped over to automatically turn off the motor.
  • Upon heavy impact, the drone turns off to protect the motor.
  • Makes a perfect gift for 4-12-year old kids, but don't be surprised if you see the adults enjoying them too!