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Carwires Designs AKIT-4G - 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit NEW

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Product Description

The AKIT-4G amplifier installation kit will deliver the audio and power you need to drive your music to the highest level. The kit includes one 17 foot 2-channel “COOL-CLEAR” audio cable, 4-gauge power and ground wires, an 18-gauge turn-on lead, 16-gauge speaker wire, a AGU fuse holder with 100-amp fuse, and an assortment of hardware useful for your amplifier installation.


What's in the box

  • (1) 17ft 4-gauge power cable
  • (1) 3ft 4-gauge ground cable
  • (1) 25ft 16-gauge speaker wire
  • (1) 17ft 18-gauge remote turn-on lead
  • (1) 17ft 2-channel audio cable
  • (1) split wire loom (6 ft.)
  • (1) AGU fuse holder with 100A fuse
  • (2) 4-gauge ring terminals
  • (4) 16-gauge speaker terminals
  • (1) 18-gauge spade terminal
  • (10) 6-inch wire ties

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