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Cordless Electric 150PSI Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor Digital LED Car Bike Air Pump 12V

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Even the highest quality tires can lose air over time as the change in temperatures causes changes in your tires’ air pressure. So don’t get caught with a flat. With the Tire Inflator on board, you can easily refill your tires anywhere at any time. Best of all, it’s fast and simple to use and rechargeable. It fits right inside your glove box! Dial in your tire’s correct pressure on the digital display, and the inflator will turn off automatically when the correct pressure levels are reached. 

  • Can be used for anything that holds Air- You can inflate Vehicle Tires, Footballs, Soccer Balls, Motorbikes, Mountain bikes, and all other inflatables. Comes with every type of Nozzle to fit on any inflatable equipment.
  • Powerful Air Output- This Air Pump provides up to 150 psi of air output, and inflates tires in under 8 minutes!
  • Emergency Pump - Use when you need to inflate tires on the road or in emergencies.
  • Has a build in Power Bank - Large 2000 mAh battery to charge phones or other electronic devices. This also makes for a long battery life when pumping.
  • LCD Digital Display and user-friendly interface. Check and set your tire pressure.

Package Includes: Portable Inflator, Cigarette Lighter Cable, USB Charging Cable and (4) Attachments : Air Tube nozzle, Balloon nozzle, Bike Nozzle, Ball Nozzle

Size: 56mm x 172mm (RxL)
Weight: 360g
Power Supply: Battery or 12V DC
Battery: 2000mAh 12.8V
Work Current: 1-5A
Charging Mode: Micro-USB
Charging Time: 3-4 hours
Max Inflating Pressure: 150PSI