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Blackloud Sounddot AF1 FM Headset for IOS Devices

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SOUNDOT AF1 is an innovative in-ear headset featuring patented psychoacoustic technology, a six-band customizable graphic equalizer, 3D stereo effect, dual dynamic driver design, inline microphone, and a control box with a volume up (+), volume down (-) and multi-function (pause/play) button. SOUNDOT equalizer (EQ) not only works for music playback for most music apps, but also all kinds of audio inputs including FM radio. With built-in FM reception, SOUNDOT AF1 allows iPhone and iPad users to access FM radio anywhere in the world, without requiring access to Internet by WiFi or 3G or LTE connections.


  • Embedded FM Receiver with RDS
  • Patented psycho-acoustic technology
  • 24 bit codec DSP, premium audio quality
  • 6 bands of EQ & 3D sound effects
  • Dual Dynamic Driver technology
  • Soundot App with FM tuning and audio quality control
  • Brings up Siri via multifunction button