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Automatic Motion Sensor Bathroom Trash Can with Lid, 4 Gallon Smart Garbage Can, Narrow Trash Bin with Touchless Lid

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  • PERFECT SIZE - 13.4''L×12.6''H×5.5''W with 4 gallon capacity, the bathroom trash can with 5.5'' narrow width is essential for apartment, dorm, little bathroom and other tight places to maximizes the use of space.
  • SMART SENSOR TECHNOLOGY - Our touchless trash can have 3 modes of opening the lid. Infrared sensor and vibration sensor are suitable for use when hands are full, and also avoid direct contact with the trash can. Push-button mode allows it to stay open up to 5 minutes. (Product powered by 2 AA batteries, not included)
  • LOW NOISE - The bedroom trash can with lid use a high-quality motor optimized for lid opening speed and soundproofing, ensuring that it operates gently and quietly without disturbing your peace and quiet. This makes it perfect for bedrooms, offices and other places where a quiet environment is needed!
  • AUTO-OFF - The automatic trash can will close automatically after 5 seconds when the Infrared or vibration sensors was trigger, avoiding the spread of odors. Or you can open/close the lid with the button manually, it will closes automatically after 5 minutes.
  • TRASH BAG FIX RING - The bathroom garbage can is equipped with a trash bag fixing ring, which can firmly hold the trash bag, preventing the bag from slipping or falling inside the trash can, and hiding the bag to keep the trash can neat and tidy appearance.