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Alcohol Disposable Wipes Pre-Moistened 75% Alcohol, 50 Ct (5-Pack, 250 Wipes)

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Our multifunctional disinfectant alcohol wipes contain 75% alcohol saturation, helps destroy germs and bacteria. The compact packaging makes these pre-moistened wipes great for your medicine cabinet, office desk, or glove compartment, while the flip-open lid allows easy access to the cleansing wipes and ensures they stay fresh and moist.

  • Each pack contain 50 sheets 6" x 8" alcohol wipes
  • Disinfect high contact areas at home, the gym, your office, car, or anywhere else.
  • Our premium wipes work quickly and effectively. Just wipe the surface you want to be disinfected and let it dry.
  • Flip top closes securely to keep wipes moist
  • Non-Woven Towel, 75% Ethyl Alcohol, Ro Pure Water