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7-Tier Shoe Rack Shoe Shelf Organizer, JOMARTO 24-30 Pairs Shoes and Boots Storage Organizer Metal Shoe Tower

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【Multi-purpose shelf】With its black shape and design, the independent and beautiful shoe rack and organizer can also become a display shelf for your toys, books, clothes, etc.

【Space-saving magic weapon】If your home is surrounded by piles of shoes, perhaps our shoe storage can help you solve your troubles. 

【High quality waterproof non-woven fabric】Compared with the general shoe racks, our shoe rack organizer is made of high quality and thick waterproof non-woven material, which has excellent tear resistance, while the waterproof surface makes it easy to clean, even if the shoes are covered with mud and placed randomly, it can be cleaned quickly.

【Free standing shoe rack】The heightened and reinforced design of the bottom of the shoe shelf makes it stand more stable. The high kickstand separates the shoe tower from the ground, which not only effectively prevents moisture, but also facilitates daily hygiene and cleaning.