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Active Authority 2-in-1 Electric Deep Tissue Massager with Heating

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The Active Authority Massager is truly a portable and convenient shiatsu massager for the whole body! The handle is detachable for easy storage or even to make massaging certain places easier.

  • Powerful Percussive massage relieves tension and relaxes muscles with Infrared and heating massage.
  • Two interchangeable heads and removable handle to further massage deeper into the tissue with shiatsu-like massaging
  • Designed with special comfort massage heads which can be touched directly to the skin
  • Adjustable intensity levels that will result in an efficient, effective and soothing massage
  • Three sliding switch (OFF,M-Massage,M+H-Massage and infrared heat.)
  • Net weight: 0.8kg
  • Input voltage: AC 220V or 110V
  • Power: 25W
  • Package size: 42*12*15 cm
  • Machine color:sliver gray

Package Contents

  • The main unit with removable handle
  • Two replaceable massage heads