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Cook@Home Microwave Bacon Cooker for Healthier, Crispy Bacon

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Making bacon has never been easier and cleaner. With the Microwave Bacon Cooker you can make up to 8-10 strips of bacon in your microwave delicious, crispy bacon. The Microwave Bacon Cooker eliminates splattered stove top mess. Since bacon hangs vertically on the Microwave Bacon Cooker, your bacon comes out crispy. Simply hang up strips of bacon on the Microwave Bacon Cooker, microwave, remove bacon, place the Microwave Bacon Cooker in the dishwasher (it's dishwasher safe) and eat. No mess; ready right away. Everyone's long standing wish (everyone who loves bacon) answered by the Microwave Bacon Cooker.

  • Cooks bacon perfectly in minutes in the air - above the fat, for healthy and crunchy bacon
  • Eliminates stovetop mess and Makes crispy bacon in seconds
  • Reduces fat up to 35%; Dishwasher safe
  • Convenient tray catches fat which can be used later for frying
  • Easy clean up - no fat splashes in microwave