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Blackloud Smart Wi-Fi Water Sensor, Flood and Leak Detector – Alarm and App Notifications, No Hub Required

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Protect your home from potentially pricey water damage with our smart water sensor designed to detect the first sign of moisture. With its uniquely compact sensor head, it can be inserted into the smallest of gaps that other sensors may not fit into. Alerting you of leakages through your phone and via a loud alarm.

  • No expensive hub or subscription needed
  • Push notifications via our app
  • Reliable detection through gold-plated probes
  • Sturdy mounting bracket on the main body

Quick and Reliable Detection

Unlike other water sensors that are too chunky to fit into small spaces, this smart water sensor features a compact detection head fitted with sensitive gold-plated probes. Allowing it to better fit under your appliances and to send out alerts of leakage without any delay.

Dual Alert Systems

Get alerted the minute water leakage occurs whether you are home or away. We’ve fitted our smart Wi-Fi flood sensor with an alarm and programmed it to send notifications straight to your phone through our app. The free iOS and Android-compatible app also allows you to monitor battery levels with ease.

No Hidden Charges

You don’t need a pricey hub or paying for subscription fee to enjoy the functionality of this device. Just download the free app, seamlessly connect the water sensor to your Wi-Fi network, and actively prevent water damage without having to pay extra.

Battery That Lasts

We’ve optimized energy efficiency to save you the hassle and expense of constantly replacing batteries. Three AA batteries will last you for over 6 months on standby mode.

System Requirements:

- 802.11b/g Wireless Network

User Manual & Installation: