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Dynamic Power Continuous Flow Grease Gun 14 Ounce Cartridge bulk filled or canister filled.

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Dynamic Power industrial fully automatic pneumatic grease gun is designed with a variable speed trigger that provides excellent grease flow control and the advanced pump design eliminates priming issues.

  • This newly designed Grease Gun with ergonomic cushioned grip is great for maintaining trailers, boats, mowers, automobiles and RVs.
  • Easily monitor and control the grease flow by squeezing the button style trigger; release the trigger and the grease stops.
  • Even between cartridges, the grease gun's self priming system provides a smooth transfer of lubrication for fast, efficient operation.
  • Tool also features a continuous flow while trigger is depressed, heavy duty spring and exclusive piston design, fully automatic, and uses 14 ounce cartridge bulk filled or canister filled.
  • Load with 14 oz. cartridge, bulk-fill or canister-fill 3600 PSI grease pressure Cast aluminum housing Continuous grease flow on trigger pull;
  • The product is Contain Flow Grease Gun Easy to use The product is manufactured in China
  • Continuously pumps grease while trigger is depressed Delivers up to 6000 PSI
  • Head cap port for adding air bleeder valve or bulk loader fitting Capable of 3-way loading: 14 ounce cartridge bulk or suction
  • Recommended inlet pressure 90 PSI and dispenses 5 ounces per minute