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Dynamic Power 16-piece Accessory Kit For Use of Air Compressors

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The Dynamic Power 16 Piece Air Compressor Accessory Kit is a great air compressor kit with all you need to start your projects, including heavy duty dual tire chuck for tire inflation and pencil tire gauge ensures tire properly inflated, also the tire inflation needles/nozzles to inflate pool toys, sports balls and air mattresses. It has all the most commonly used air compressor accessory items in one set. All the outside thread with sealant, which is much better for sealing.

  • 15 ft. Nylon Recoil Hose, OSHA Safety Tip, Female Connector, CONTROL THE AIR with an airgun that screws into your hose and allows for the kit’s attachments
  • INCLUDES: 1 x Blowgun, 1 x Ball Foot Air Chuck, 1 x Dial Tire Gauge, 2 x Female Plugs, 2 x Male Plugs, 1 x Male Coupling, 1 x Female Coupling, 1 x Safety Nozzle, 1 x Tapered Raft Inflator Tip, 2 x Ball Inflation Needles, 1 x Rubber Blow Gun Tip, 1 x Nylon Recoil Hose, 1 x Female Coupler
  • Interstate Pneumatics Air Accessory Kit is designed for automotive repair, home, shops, hobby crafts tool/hose connections, and equipment maintenance and repair. Comes in a cardboard box. Features: Recoil Hose fits all 1/4 inch NPT Fittings| Use with all common compressor models| Comes in a cardboard box|
  • CLEAN: A nozzle for blowing dust or other particles away from your worksite is also included in this kit
  • INFLATE TIRES: this kit features an air pressure gauge and attachment for bike or car tires INFLATE RECREATION EQUIPMENT: This kit features two pins for sports balls and a tip for inflating rafts, helping you have an active and relaxed summer