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Dynamic Power 1/4 in. Air Unit Professional Air Filter, Regulator and Lubricator Control Unit (1/4" NPT)

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  • Lengthen your Air Tools Lifetime and Improve their Performance! Use this Two Part Control Unit for Accurate Air Regulation and Filtered Moisture-Free Airflow
  • Excellent for connecting to an air compressor or air hose and can also be wall mounted. egulator with Gauge: Provides precise adjustment of airflow operating air pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Water Moisture Trap Filter: Removes solid particles and condensation. Aluminum body
  • Filter Removes Solid Particles And Condensate Moisture Found In Compressed Air Proper Use Extends The Life Of Air Tools And Equipment
  • Air Flow Can Be Accurately Controlled Using The Step-Less Valve 1x Air Control Unit Filter Regulator and Lubricator