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Blackloud Attic & Outdoor HDTV Antenna, 1080p Full HD, 4K Ready for VHF, UHF and Digital TV, 60 Miles Range

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Have a television with a tuner or a digital converter box and want all of those FREE channels? This is the antenna for you!
  • Blackloud Attic & Outdoor Antenna specifically designed for reception of VHF and UHF signals
  • High impedance matching and strong reception gives the Antenna high sensibility
  • Superior reception with broad spectrum for both VHF and UHF stations, receiving uncompressed 1080p Full HD signals from 60 miles range and 4K Ultra HD TV signals where available. Don’t miss your favorite local TV shows on channels like: CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS and much more. Enjoy the programs in crystal clear 1080p Full HD with Blackloud Attic & Outdoor TV Antenna.
  • Professional design makes the antenna structure firm and easy to install to different locations either in the attic, terrace or rooftop
  • Large Signal Enhancing Reflector Panel provides excellent resistance against interference.

UHF and VHF Channels in HD

Blackloud Attic and Outdoor Antenna offers precise signal increase and allows TV tuners to pick up and strengthen the right TV signals, unlike competitors’ antennas that also bring background broadcast noise. Blackloud Attic & Outdoor Antenna enhances weak signals to preserve purity while reducing signal noise with precision circuitry. Better amplification = More channels!

Enhanced Reception Technology

Many antennas on the market are optimized to receive only UHF broadcasts and do not reliably receive VHF. Blackloud TV antennas are precision-tuned to receive both UHF and VHF frequencies and will provide you with the most HD content that is available in your area - the most popular over-the-air TV shows, news, sports and more.

Easy Set Up

Blackloud TV antennas are easy to install:

 1) Connect the antenna’s coax cable into the back of your digital-ready TV.

2) Find the optimal placement for the antenna.

3) Scan for available channels, and you are ready to enjoy your free content.

Technical Specifications

Receive digital and analog TV broadcast over the air

Frequency Range: VHF: 40-230MHz / UHF: 470-862MHz

VSWR: VHF:<2.9, UHF:<3.5

Impedance: 75 Ω

Antenna length: 30.11 inches

Cross-phase, multi-element design

 Mostly pre-assembled - only minor assembly required

Superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions

F-type connection makes signal transmission more effective

Can be mounted in attic as well


Tips to get optimal reception

 The amount and quality of the channels you receive will depend on the following:

1) Channels being broadcast in your area

2) Broadcast tower locations

3) Strength of the broadcast signals