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Airvida M1 Wearable Personal Air Purifier Braided Necklace, Negative Ion Generator

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The classic Airvida M1 is the world's smallest wearable air cleaner - weighing less than 20 grams. The first pair of titanium necklaces, while purifying the air, can also relieve muscle tension and improve the quality of life. Depending on the dress or occasion, you can also use the collar clip to wear. When you go back indoors and put it on the charging stand, you can transform into an elegant desktop air purifier, put it on the table to make the work more efficient, and put it on the bedside table to make sleep more quality.

The Airvida M1 uninterruptedly releases 2,000,000 negative ions per cm3 per second, which is about 100 times the concentration of a forest waterfall. Through a large amount of negative ions, you can purify PM2.5, pollen and dirty air around your life.

How it Purifies the Air
Titanium, widely used in metal materials of medical equipment, has antioxidant effects. Certified by Japan Far Infrared Application Research Association, Airvida M1 is equipped with a titanium necklace that accelerates blood circulation, improves metabolism and promotes body activity.

Negative ions absorb suspended particles in the air (such as PM2.5, formaldehyde, pollen, second-hand smoke, pet hair, etc.), allowing these suspended particles to attract each other, become larger and heavier, and thus accelerate the landing to the floor. Uninterrupted release of 2,000,000 negative ions/cm3 through the Airvida near the nose and mouth, like an invisible mask, can effectively reduce the inhalation of suspended dirt and avoid the danger of dirty air.


Two million negative ions/cm3
The concentration is about 100 times that of the natural forest waterfall

Widely used in metal materials of medical equipment, with anti-oxidation effects

28 hours long-term power
No need to charge even after wearing for a few days

20g ultra lightweight
Focus on lightweight comfort for wear

USB charging
Simple charging, plug and charge

Change and use anytime, anywhere
Perfectly matched with a titanium necklace, it can be worn with a collar clip depending on the occasion, or it can be placed in a charging stand and used at a desk or bedside table.

Improve body circulation
Certified by Japan Far Infrared Application Research Association, Airvida M1 is equipped with a titanium necklace that accelerates blood circulation and metabolism in the human body.

Ultra-quiet design
Fanless design, quiet and silent everywhere

Personal protection, anytime, anywhere
  • Pollen allergy
  • MRT subway station / crowd of space
  • Bus / mass transit system
  • Office / meeting room
  • Cigarette / secondhand smoke
  • Animal hair allergy


20g Size: 5.7×2.0x1.4 cm 
Power supply: Built-in battery, micro USB plug and charge 
Operating environment temperature: 0°C to 40°C 
Relative humidity: 30% to 85% 
negative ion in non-condensing state : 2,000,000 / cm3 
accessories: Charging stand (including USB charging cable), titanium necklace, collar clip 
Titanium necklace style: will be casual, classic weaving 
Titanium necklace length: 17.7 Inch, 19.7 Inch