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Active Authority Maternity Belt Belly Band Pregnancy Support Brace

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Pregnancy can cause general pain and discomfort along with the joy and anticipation of having a new baby join the family. As your baby bump grows, the tendons and ligaments around your pelvis become soften and widen to prepare your body to deliver your baby. But it can also reduce the support that your pelvis offers for your back and hips and increase pressure. It can be painful when you have to be on your feet during your pregnancy. In addition, you may have swollen legs and ankles, lower back pain, hip and pelvic pain. Active Authority Breathable Maternity Belt for Lower Back and Pelvic Support can release you from the suffering of discomfort and pain during your pregnancy.

  • The Active Authority Maternity Belt Offers relief for back hip and pelvic pain, and alleviates the discomfort for pregnant women.
  • Helps by supporting weak abdominal muscles and also serves as an abdomen belt and posture corrector
  • Supports your belly, waist, hips and pelvic bone which helps to hold your baby safely and protects Mommy from pain
  • Can also be used during recovery and help keep stomach area firm after your baby has arrived
  • Suitable for wearing throughout the year and during your pregnancy, under any clothing. The Active Authority Maternity Belt is made of breathable and adjustable material, allowing you to feel comfortable all the time.

Size Measurements:

Medium : 30" - 42.5"

Large : 32" - 46"

Extra Large:  34.5"-50.5"