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3plus 3PL-HYBRID-BK 3plusr Cruz Hybrid Watch for Android

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Your day is about to get a lot easier... Keep track of time and your daily workouts with this classic style hybrid watch - The "Cruz". Daily activity tracking, a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker provide insights into your daily health and wellness. 

The classic watch design comes with a sleek charging station, includes a touchscreen display that lets you control your music playlist right on your wrist. With quick band changes, this 3Plus hybrid watch lets you customize your daily look.

Advanced Display
With a tap of the screen watch the TFT display on the 3Plus Cruz Hybrid Smart Watch come to life with its vibrant colors and clear picture! The water-resistant design and durable wristband are perfect for an active lifestyle, while the physical watch hands are a luxurious look perfect for the office.
Instant Notifications
Instantly receive and read notifications on your 3Plus Cruz Hybrid Smart Watch. From incoming and missed calls, texts, social media alerts, emails, and calendar notifications always stay connected with family and friends. Even control music, use camera, and see weather right from your watch!
Heart Rate Sensor
Get the latest technology with the 3Plus Cruz Hybrid Smart Watch that offers a built-in heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate and sends alerts if it becomes too high or low to ensure a safe and effective workout. Even create custom alerts and alarms that will remind you to maintain a healthy lifestyle!